A song of ice and fire (Game of thrones) party prep


Hey guys!

So, I’ve been planning and working my butt off for my party this Saturday to celebrate my 22nd (shudder) birthday. It’s A Song of Ice and Fire themed, and I wanted it to be great. I decided to tell guests to come in fancy dress either as characters from the series or simply medieval themed. A mini-feast is also on the cards! All this in mind, I thought I’d share my DIY efforts and party prep with you lovely people, and maybe inspire you to plan a similar party as I was inspired by other sites/blogs. Brace yourselves…a long post is coming!

First off, I had to get my costume. I went for the obvious favourite, and am going to be the Mother of Dragons herself- Daenerys Targaryen! I bought a cheap blonde braided wig off of eBay (£15) and then, after much searching online and in charity shops, got lucky and found a lovely blue dress in Primark for £13. I thought it resembled the blue Astapor dress from the HBO show. The neckline and waist needed tweaking and the hem still needs to be sorted (leave it uncut? Cut like in the show? With leggings? Without? Decisions….what do you guys think? Interested in your comments!), but I think it turned out pretty well…


The dragon toy seen here is truly amazing- he is made of wire and fabric, so he’s bendy and sits on my shoulder perfectly! I got this little guy from the amazing Etsy shop GameGuardians- go check it out, I can’t recommend her enough!  https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/GameGuardians

Next up, I wanted to create a mini iron throne, after seeing this wonderful creation online: http://www.instructables.com/id/iThrone-Build-an-Iron-Throne-for-your-phone-for-le/

I made a few small changes to this design. I cut up some old foam I had lying around to form the back of the throne and the seat/arms. I then superglued these two pieces together. I cut thin strips from old black socks, and stick them to the seat and backrest, and draped smaller strips over the arms (be sure to make the ends pointy). After sticking the cocktail swords into the sponge at random, I sprayed it black with cheap coloured hair spray (luckily, it looked dark silvery grey so I could skip the silver pain coat).


I then stole the idea of an ingenious ‘golden crown’ skull and Weirwood tree centrepiece from this site: http://vixventure.com/game-of-thrones-party/

The tree was straightforward: simply paint/spray some twigs white and glue on some red leaves (which I will do tomorrow- lucky it’s autumn).


The skull was a bit more complex. I bought a cheap white skull from the Poundshop, and painted it with wood stain to age it and make it look more realistic. I then moulded some air dry clay to look like the molten gold that Drogo poured over Viserys’ head. When dry, I covered the exposed bits of skull with Clingfilm and sprayed the clay gold. Unwrap the Clingfilm, and voilà! Molten gold crown skull.


I’ve found that car boot sales are the PERFECT place for this kind of thing. I stumbled upon a toy lion (Lannister), a stag Christmas decoration (Baratheon), a hunting horn (in memory of King Robert), candlesticks, a pashmina/tablecloth, and a knights head decanter. I made a couple of apple pies (to be cooked on the night), for good measure. Hopefully these will accompany the Roast chicken, pork joint, and fruit for the mini-feast.


I’ll keep you posed on how the party turns out! Fingers crossed it goes well!


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